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Other Services


Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Click here to visit our EAB information page, and learn more about this destructive pest, as well as our effective method of treatment!



Our experienced designers can develop a lighting plan to compliment any design project or existing landscape. Our high quality lighting supplies are used to enhance the experience of your evening landscape.


Erosion Control

Our erosion control division offers full erosion control services, including silt fencing, inlet protection, rough mowing, seeding and sodding. For more information please call us at 515.277.6242.


Soil Testing

Iowa Outdoor Products now offers soil testing services for residential purposes. If you suspect that your soil does not have a good nutrient balance, bring in a sample for us to test. The sample must be from 4" below the surface. This analysis includes pH testing as well as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium testing. We will also include recommendations on how to amend the soil. For small garden beds, 1-2 samples is sufficient, but for lawns, 4 samples (one from each corner of the yard) is recommended. Results of the testing are usually available 1-2 days after bringing in the sample. Click here to read more about the importance of nutrient-balanced soil.


Midwest Mosquito Control

Our insect control division, Midwest Mosquito Control, can help you live in an insect-free outdoor space! With the revolutionary MistAway system, we can install an automatic misting system that effectively eliminates mosquitos and other biting insects from your yard. Click here for more information.