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Get a Head Start on Your Garden

It’s never too early to start thinking about your spring garden, so we have put together a list of spring blooming trees, shrubs and perennials that will instantly make your garden stand out, and its just in time for our Pre-Order Sale.

Ornamental Trees

Pagoda Dogwood – These bloom small fragrant clusters of white flowers on distinct horizontal branches.

Serviceberry – Standing Ovation - Small deciduous tree or large shrub with three seasons of beauty. Small white flowers in the spring, sweet purple berries which attract birds in summer, followed by crimson and orange fall foliage.

Redbud – Blooming rosy, pink flowers with reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then yellow. This tree has a graceful arching canopy.

Spring Blooming Shrubs

Azalea – Karen – A hardy attractive evergreen shrub with clusters of lavender-pink flowers. Blooms in mid-spring. Foliage turns red purple in fall.

Rhododendron – Large woody broadleaf evergreen. These shrubs have showy flowers ranging from red, light purple or pink. Flowers are a nectar source for butterflies.

Lilac – Miss Kim - Upright compact shrub with deep purple buds that open to highly fragrant lavender blue flowers. Great for mass plantings.

Spring Blooming Perennials

Peony – With so many different varieties to choose from, these hardy perennials look great in any color. Choose from pinks, corals white or reds. Great for your cutting garden.

Bleeding Heart – Spring perennial with heart shaped blooms that dangle on arching branches. Choose from pink or white blossoms.

Creeping Phlox – A colorful carpet of tiny pink or white flowers that spill over rock walls or borders. Planted in masses these perennials make for a very showy spring garden.

Whether you’re starting with a whole yard, or you just have a few spots to fill in after a long cold winter, take advantage of our pre-order sale and receive 25% off your entire plant order.

The sale starts January 11th thru February 27th so get your orders in soon! Call us, stop in, or contact us through our website here.

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