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Time for Spring Cleaning, Don't Forget Your Houseplants!

Spring cleaning means you dust your shelves and furniture from top to bottom. You clean your carpets, change your air filters and have your windows washed, but did you forget your houseplants?

Houseplants gather dust just like all of the other surfaces in your home. We all know that most houseplants love light and regular watering to thrive, but when dust accumulates on them over time it inhibits the plants ability to absorb the light they need for Photosynthesis. Remember that class back in elementary school?

Incorporate your houseplants into your regular dusting routine to keep them healthy and clean.

To clean larger leaves, gently hold the leaf with one hand so it doesn’t tear, use a microfiber cloth or soft cloth moistened with water and gently wipe the top surface of the leaf, If this leaves water stains or there are chemical spots on the leaves, you can use a small amount of Leaf Shine to buff them out.

Leaf Shine is not meant to be used on succulents or cacti, instead use a soft toothbrush to scrape off the debris and dust. For plants with fuzzy leaves such as African Violets, a small paintbrush works well to remove dust and dirt. Remember, keeping your houseplants clean may also help keep insects and mites under control.

We offer a nice selection of beautiful houseplants at Iowa Outdoor Products. Whether you have a large sunroom or a sunny spot in the kitchen or powder room, our Garden Specialists will help you pick the right one for your indoor space.

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