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Tree Branch Flagging

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Are you noticing the leaves on your trees browning, only it’s not the typical fall changing of colors? This condition is called Tree Branch Flagging. Branch flagging is when brown leaves appear on individual branches scattered throughout the tree crown and can be caused by insects, diseases, or it can be weather related.

To further reduce stress on your tree and to provide the best chance for it to recover, provide supplemental water in 1-to-2-week intervals. This is especially important because of our drought conditions here in the Midwest. Avoid any injury to trunks or roots from mowers or string trimmers. Avoid damage from construction near the roots and do not change the level of the soil above the roots.

If you think your Tree Branch Flagging might be insect or disease related, please bring in a sample branch or leaves along with a photo of the tree, and let one of our garden specialists help to identify the problem.

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